Swanwick 20oz Tumbler X


Looking for the perfect way to keep your hots hot and your colds cold? Look no further than the Swanwick Tumbler X.

Following in the footsteps of its X predecessors, this 20oz tumbler pushes the limits with comfort in the hand, features, and style.

With double-wall construction and vacuum insulated, this beast keeps your favorite liquid at whatever temperature you want it for twice as long. Twice as long as what? Whatever sorry excuse of a glass or plastic drink-holder you were using before!

  • Do you want a removable clear lid? Bam! It's got one.
  • Do you want a textured, sweat-free powder coat? Pow! It's got one.
  • Do you want BPA and Lead-Free? Wham! Consider it done.

Finally, you want to get inside yourself, hold space, and be a little more present in life? This tumbler will do that for you. How?

Because you'll be washing it by hand as an act of service to it and yourself, not putting it in the dishwasher to be hosed off with the other riff-raff in the kitchen.

...and if you even think about putting it in the microwave, you just might catch these hands.

Drink on, Legend. Drink on.