Red Truck Jerky

Montreal Steak® Gourmet Meat Sticks

$17.95 $19.45

Everyone has their go-to's. Some ride Harley's. Some only wear Nike shoes. Some only use Apple Products. Our Original Gourmet Meat Sticks delivers on everything for everyone. Always. It's your new go-to snack.

There's no reason to trade-off taste and nutrition. Take this on your next hike, picnic or in the car.

The Red Truck Promise

  • 100% American-raised meats (the big brands source from China and South America and label "Packaged in America / Designed in America) - we make all of our Gourmet Meat Sticks in Chandler, Minnesota.
  • Intensely bold, chef-crafted flavor
  • Ideal for any diet (Paleo, Whole30, Carnivore)
  • Excellent source of on-the-go protein

Enjoy it After the Gym, At the (Home) Office, In the Car or Anytime. Anywhere.

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