DRY Botanical Bubbly Can Variety Pack (12 Pack)

by DRY Botanical Bubbly


DRY Botanical Bubbly is the sophisticated, refreshing zero-proof alternative for every celebration. 

Our DRY Botanical Bubbly Variety Pack lets you explore three of our favorite can flavors – Rainier Cherry, Vanilla and Cucumber.  Includes 4 cans of each! 

  • Toast: It is intended to be enjoyed on its own, like a glass of sparkling wine. Serve it chilled in a coupe. 
  • Pair: Designed with the help of top chefs to pair with specific cuisines to elevate the meal.  
  • Mix: Made from real ingredients and focused on amplifying flavor, not sweetness, DRY Botanical Bubbly is the go-to mixer for any zero-proof cocktail.