Cable Ties


Unruly cords? Tame the mess and hang it out to dry with Cable Ties. These little guys are small but mighty. They’re the simple way to contain unruly cords, earbuds, chargers, cables, office supplies...most anything. Just wrap, secure and hang. The smart, proprietary designed ring is not only for hanging but gives you the power to bundle multiple items together. Use indoors or out. Cable Ties are color-coded for quick identification. 


Each Cable Tie is made with durable, long lasting materials, allowing them to be reused constantly. Our hook and loop attachment system ensures a strong and lasting hold, no matter the mess.

Flexibility and Versatility

Each Cable Tie includes an eye hole in the tail allowing the tie to be attached to a cable or hung from a hook. Multiple ties can be attached together to form one longer tie.

Simple to Use

Simply bundle your cables together and wrap the ties around them tightly. Our Cable Ties use a hook and loop attachment system, allowing you to easily bundle and unbundle unruly cables.


Cable Ties can be used to tie up speaker cables, guitar cables, TV cables, microphone mic, computer cables, and much more. Bluelounge Cable Ties are ideal for keeping all kinds of cable management well organized and tidy.