Buff Bites Choca-Lit Chip

by Lil Buff Protein Cake Mix


This is the remix!! Fuel your body with our delicious new Buff Bite Mix! Just add peanut butter and honey, mix it, roll it, and eat it! Each mix makes 16 Buff Bites boasting 10g of protein per serving (2 bites chomp chomp!)

This is the ultimate convenience for healthy snacking and keeping yourself on track. Store these bites in the fridge for a grab and go snack as you head out the door. Our kids love them before sports practice or an after school snack. Choca-Lit Chip is keeping it lit and packs a punch with wholesome ingredients like whey protein, gluten free oats, ground flax seed, sea salt, dark (soy free) chocolate chips and more! No shame in our power ball game!

These bad boys are free of 




-Artificial colors


In case you want the remix, feel free to substitute ingredients. Here are some ideas: sugar free syrup, banana, sunflower butter, almond butter, cashew butter, ghee