Red Truck Jerky

BBQ Wild Boar Gourmet Meat Sticks


From the invention of fire to today, meat has been fuel for humankind to take steps forward. 

We created these sticks for you - athletes, adventurers and parents - living busy lifestyles and trying to good quality protein from sources they trust. 
Wild Boar - Sourced responsibly from the wilderness of Minnesota.

Get wild and get weird. Life is too short for anything else!

The Red Truck Promise

  • 100% American-raised meats (the big brands source from China and South America and label "Packaged in America / Designed in America) - we make all of our Gourmet Meat Sticks in Chandler, Minnesota.
  • Intensely bold, chef-crafted flavor
  • Ideal for any diet (Paleo, Whole30, Carnivore)
  • Excellent source of on-the-go protein

Enjoy it After the Gym, At the (Home) Office, In the Car or Anytime. Anywhere.

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