Skinny Pink Lotus Energy Concentrate

by Lotus Energy

Pump Not Included, Please Buy Separately If Needed

The Original Pump and Serve, Plant-Based Energy Drink Concentrate! Each - 1oz serving has only 5 Calories and 80mg of natural Caffeine - The Strength of 1- 8.4oz Energy Drink Can. Diet Pink Lotus is a healthy energy alternative, offering superior taste and function at Up To 70% Off Artificial/Synthetic Canned Energy Drinks. Pink Lotus is crafted with nature's elite botanicals and super fruits featuring coffee fruit (cascara) with natural caffeine from green coffee beans and a built-in cost efficient pump dispensing system. 

- Easily Mixes With All Flavored Syrups For Energy Spritzers or Frozen Smoothies 

- 1 - 1/2 Gallon Jug = Aproximately 2 cases Of 8.4oz Energy drink cans

- Appeals To Non-Coffee Drinkers & Younger Consumers

-Significantly Reduces Volume Of Disposable Packaging



- 1 jug = 1/2 gallon / 64oz / 1.89L
- 1 + 5 mix (1 part concentrate + 5 parts water)
- Each jug creates 3 gals finished energy drink, 
  equaling 46 / 8.4oz Energy Cans
- 5 calories per 6 fl oz serving/ 80mg Natural Caffeine
- Made in the USA-Worldwide Ingredients 



Weight: 6 lbs

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(Pump Not Included), Please Buy Separately If Needed. For SHIPPING please allow 5 business days.