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Neptjun's Choice

Neptjun and his team test the latest and greatest in gaming products to power all your digital needs. Each month Aquatik's Founder, Neptjun, brings you his favorite item from the 7 Seas shop.

Nyko Technologies

NS-4500 Headset for Switch™


Experience a brand new headset design that was created to fit your ears properly. The 4500 Series headsets bring you the most comfortable gaming experience you'll ever have. Kiss ear pain goodbye and say hello to a headset that is actually shaped to fit your ears correctly. The NS-4500 Headset provides high quality audio and voice input that makes it perfect for any gamer.


NS-4500 Headset is an over-ear stereo headset featuring 40mm driver speakers and an adjustable microphone. The comfortable shape of the NS-4500 allows gamers to play for longer without the pain. 


  • Hear game and chat audio through 40mm driver stereo speakers
  • Omni-directional retractable microphone
  • Adjustable headband and cushioned earcups
  • Volume dial on headset

I joined Aquatik for the support of small streamers. I truly enjoy their community, their atmosphere, and their willingness to help anybody who wants to grow as an esports player or content creator.

StrigsAquatik Creator

We have an opportunity to really change the gaming space. 7 Seas allows Aquatik to empower gamers on a whole new level. Our new partnerships will give a ton of new opportunities to the Aquatik Community.

NeptjunHead of Aquatik Esports


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