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Each Month the Team at Aquatik HQ picks one of their favorite vendor partners to highlight! This month lets step into the world of Oculus- the future of VR gaming.

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Neptjun and his team test the latest and greatest in gaming products to power all your digital needs. Each month Aquatik's Founder, Neptjun, brings you his favorite item from the 7 Seas shop.


Razer - Seiren Emote


Wow your followers and take your showmanship to new heights with the Razer Seiren Emote—the world’s first USB microphone that uses emoticons to interact with your audience. Express yourself with a dose of freshness and fun, as you say it in a way that’s more than just words.

I joined Aquatik for the support of small streamers. I truly enjoy their community, their atmosphere, and their willingness to help anybody who wants to grow as an esports player or content creator.

StrigsAquatik Creator

We have an opportunity to really change the gaming space. 7 Seas allows Aquatik to empower gamers on a whole new level. Our new partnerships will give a ton of new opportunities to the Aquatik Community.

NeptjunHead of Aquatik Esports


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